We didn’t kill daddy

I have been handling my father’s death quite well. I didn’t really grieve at all. I think the majority of my grieving was done long before my father died. I didn’t need any time off, I didn’t need to memorialize him in any way. He’s dead. Alright then. I’m going to go home and watch TV now.

With that being said, I tend to forget that I am not just me. I am many. While I am handling my father’s death just fine, younger parts are not handling it well at all.

Someone thinks the police are coming for us. Every noise, every knock, every police car we walk past on the way to work is the police coming after us. Why? Because a little one thinks that he killed daddy.

I have to stop and explain that we did not kill daddy, that daddy was sick for a long time and that’s why he’s gone. It’s not our fault he’s gone. We didn’t do anything wrong. The police aren’t coming after us. We are not bad. And I go through the same speech so many times and the paranoia is still there, the need to internalize blame is still there.

And then another part keeps asking to go the heaven to be with daddy. So then I try to explain that we can’t go to heaven because we are here on earth, and we have things to do here first. I really want to say that daddy is not in heaven, because daddy is a horrible person, but I have to remember that I am dealing with innocent younger parts whose beliefs don’t always align with mine. They don’t understand things on the level that I understand. They don’t really understand loss the way I have had to learn to understand it.

I’m already exhausted as it is, and this inner chaos just adds to it even more. I’m not good with people. I can barely handle myself, let alone a bunch of other parts. I can’t soothe myself, let alone soothe others. I don’t know what else I could say to them to help them understand what really happened. I don’t know how to keep it together for them when I can barely keep myself together.

How do I parent children when I have no idea how to parent?

3 thoughts on “We didn’t kill daddy

  1. There is a heaviness I feel when reading this and it makes me really feel for all of the parts that are struggling. Grief especially with a bad person you are grieving is just complicated.


  2. I parent my little ones. I talk to them in words they understand, age appropriate things. I look at the way others talk to their children and tweak it a bit to fit my situation. I think ahead and talk to them as a group and sometimes individually. This is something only a multiple will understand… when a younger one puts her arms around your waste and put her head on you in safety then you know you’ve reached a level of trust with them….and responsibility. These are priceless moments, priceless.

    Please don’t think you can’t parent. Can you nurture a cat or dog, a bird, turtle or frog? If you can nurture you can talk to kids about difficult things and non-essentials.

    I think you’re doing well. I think you’re asking the right questions because they can make you think and maybe you can come up with something to fit your situation.

    You are working really, really hard. I want to applaud that. I mean you are doing tremendous work. Yes, I am aware of the difficulties you’re having, the things you feel you failed at but you’ve achieved a lot more than you’ve fallen.


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    1. I have always managed to take care o my animals well, much better than I was able to take care of myself.

      It just gets overwhelming, this parenting stuff. I do try to watch parents in the real world and learn from that, much in the same way I had to learn so many other things on my own that I didn’t know because my parents lacked those qualities.

      I just need patience.

      Thank you


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