Today is July 4th, the day America celebrates the anniversary of its independence. In less than one week, on July 10th, I will be celebrating the anniversary of my own independence.

This coming Sunday will be one year since I ran away from home. One year of independence. One year of…freedom (and I use that term loosely, because in many ways, I am still not free).

I don’t think many people in my life understand the importance of that day for me. I didn’t just run away from home. I escaped hell. I escaped a life of pain, a life of hurt, and a life of abuse. I escaped a life I will hopefully never have to experience again.

I didn’t expect to make it this far.

I’m in a weird place right now, for this and other reasons. I need to write, but can’t find the words.

I’ll be okay.

7 thoughts on “Independence

  1. You escaped! Broke the physical chains and still working on the emotional ones like all of us survivors are striving to do. Your words were enough!

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  2. For 21 years I celebrated my independence day. I did something to memorialize my freedom. Every February 2nd I think about how life changed so quickly.

    Escape is the right word, they never would have just let us move out and spread our wings to fly. No, we escaped, we and many others escaped.

    I was 20 yrs old and still being abused. I was asked many times why I didn’t leave at 18. I had trouble accepting that at 20 I was still being abused. However, I left when I was STRONG ENOUGH to leave and not return. I’ve never gone back. The thought of it frightens me. Gracious! The answer to why a person stays home so long is an unfair question, even when we’re the ones asking it. We left when we could. We do the best we can with broken wings.

    Congregations on taking your independence.

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    1. You are right!

      I still sometimes give myself a hard time, why did I wait so long to get out, 29 years old. It must not have been that bad if I didn’t leave earlier. But I couldn’t get out because it WAS that bad.

      I’m glad you were able to escape and find freedom, too. Thank you.

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