I haven’t been able to write much. There’s a lot going on, both inside and outside of myself. I’m hoping to write soon.

But as I continue working to get words on my screen that make sense, I thought I’d share some artwork (though I’m not sure it qualifies as art) that I’ve done in my time at PHP.

I’m not an artistic person. Sitting in an art class makes me want to flee. But it’s not an option when you’re in group. You have to do something.

The first time I was in art, the therapist asked us to create something surrounding the words “I am”. While most people went right to drawing images, my mind went to writing words. But every word that was popping into my head was negative. It wasn’t that those words were untrue — they were my reality for a very long time. But they weren’t anymore. I didn’t want to ignore those parts of me. They still made up who I was. But I am more than that now. So for each truth of my past, I wrote the reality of my present. The totality of who I am.

That was one art class down. Only dozens more to go. So I decided to do a collage. At first, I chose to do one because it would take up a lot of time. I could spend several (collective) hours just flipping through magazines, killing time so I wouldn’t have to do anything artsy. And that’s exactly what I did. I flipped through at least a dozen magazines, cutting out whatever stood out to me. Words, phrases, pictures. Before I knew it, I had a whole baggie full of magazine clippings.

As I went through what I had cut out, I realized that every thing I chose had a purpose. Words that described me. Phrases that inspired me. Pictures that I liked. This collage is me. Every piece has a meaning. Each section is a story. Past. Present. Future. It’s me.

I may not have been able to write much these last few months. But these are my words; just in a different form.

5 thoughts on “Art

  1. I really like your collage! Art therapy is a tremendous healing tool for me. I never thought of myself as artsy, but I discovered an artistic side of myself once I allowed myself to freely express the pain and trauma through mediums I had never explored before. If you really like collaging, for your other classes maybe you can take the concept a step or two further. Once your basic magazine collage is finished, you can add three dimensional items to it to create an “assemblage.” You can use any kind of items ~ feathers, coins, buttons, beads, fabric, movie ticket stubs, candy wrappers, absolutely anything! Another thing you can do with a magazine collage is to take your basic collage or assemblage and turn it into a mixed media collage. Mixed media simply means mixing different medias ~ like adding paints, pastels, charcoals, markers, pencil drawings ~ and ta da, you now have another totally different kind of collage made from your magazine collage. Just some other easy ideas for you. Once you start using color and allow yourself to express your pain without concerning yourself with “is this good art?” I think/hope you will find an incredible new therapy tool!


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