I have some things for you from your mother.

He said it like it was nothing. He didn’t know it wasn’t nothing to me.

I wasn’t expecting it. I was having a regular conversation (over text) with my friend about something I wanted to do and out of the blue, he mentioned this. I froze for a minute, both physically and emotionally. I was numb. You could have stabbed me in both hands with a steak knife and I would have stayed sitting where I was, staring blankly at the wall, never flinching.

Then the emotions rushed in. I couldn’t tell if I was angry, sad, or both. I asked my friend what it was. It’s a letter, and some other things. At that point, I didn’t care about the other things. My thoughts danced around the letter.

I felt myself being swept away by hope. My mother is finally apologizing. She is finally going to say how sorry she is, how she never meant to hurt me. She is going to tell me how much she misses me, how much she loves me and has always loved me. She’s going to say she wants me back, that we are family. She is sorry and she loves and cares for me.

I sensed the joy of younger me, the excitement over the wish of family and of love coming true.

But I was crying, because adult me knew that those wishes were not coming true. This letter was not going to be one of love and caring. It was not going to be a letter of acknowledgement or apology.

My heart is breaking again. I am torn between the wish and the reality, the hope and the truth. Part of me wants to see that letter, to read my mother’s words, because there is still a small wish, a flickering of hope that my mother would be what I need her to be: a mother.

But then part of me knows that what I hope and wish for will not be fulfilled in that letter. Part of me knows that my mother will never apologize, that she will never be sorry for what she’s done because she believes she has done no wrong. Part of me knows that my mother doesn’t miss me, because she has pretended like I don’t exist. Part of me knows that she doesn’t love me now, and didn’t love me then, because a loving person would have never done the things she did. Part of me knows that I can never be a part of that family.

My mother hasn’t been a mother in the last 30 years. There’s no reason for her to change now. She won’t change. She will never be 1/100th what I need her to be. And her letter won’t be what I need it be. I don’t even think I need to read it to know that it isn’t. But I still want to read it. Part of me wants to know what she has to say.

I feel like I would have been better off not knowing this letter existed. I could tell my friend to throw it away, or I could take it and burn it myself. But then I would never know what my mother wrote, and I’m not sure I can manage never knowing. I also know that I could never handle reading the letter on my own. The mere knowledge of the letter’s existence has created an emotional storm in me that I am trying my best to weather. I imagine the its contents would let loose a tornado.

At first, I wanted to rush back to my home of origin just to get that letter; part of me still does. It’s that hope again, rearing its head in my consciousness.

But I am trying to focus on what is important to me here. I can exist without that letter. I have things to do here, experiences to celebrate. I have made it 499 days, without her and without her letter.

6 thoughts on “499

  1. My heart just ached for you and your need KJ. I am so sorry because I know that pain and those deep needs to get the apology and love that you deserve!!! And you do deserve it. I am sorry for you and holding you in my thoughts and prayers. You are strong and good and loved, despite what your mom was unable to provide you. Keep yourself safe.

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  2. I know that heart tug of war all too well. My heart goes out to you. When my mom was still in my life my sister and I referred to those moments as the brick wall. Ya know the one you keep banging your head into because some glimmer of hope? It always turned out going head first into the brick wall…the wall of reality desquised as hope. Hope that maybe she really means it this time. Hope that maybe she can really be what I need from a mother….
    I learned faster than my sister to stop jumping on the mirage. It was always a bomb. That mom couldn’t be what as I needed as a child and that wasn’t going to change just because we got older.
    My mom died 2 yrs ago and what I have learned was that I don’t have the opportunity to ask her questions anymore. Not that she could give me answers that I needed but that I will always wonder “what if”? (Many of my memories and also my DID Dx came up after her death.) so there are things I would have liked to have said to her or asked her….not because it would do her any good but it might do ME some good just to say them.
    All that is to say, if you do end up reading the letter do it because it will help you heal….not for the content of the letter or the hope of an apology.
    Also a thought…she may just be doing this to see if she can get information through this person to you. As another method of control.
    But yes you do deserve an apology and yes you did deserve to have loving parents. I think just realizing that is half the battle with healing. Not the words on a piece of paper from someone who didn’t have your best interest at heart. Wishing you peace and strength!

    Just my thoughts.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that with me.

      When my father died, I went through a period where I wasn’t grieving him, but rather grieving my ability to ask him questions, to say all the things I thought I needed to say to him that I couldn’t (and can’t).

      I also wondered if my mother was doing this in some way to manipulate me — either physically or emotionally. And I don’t want to give her that control, either.

      Thank you.


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